About Us

Jesse Janes Jewelry began in 2008 merging my passion for making and bringing joy and insight to others. What started out as creating unique jewelry pieces symbolizing life's special moments has transformed into something so much more.

I have been creative since I was 10 years old. I'm all about designing jewelry pieces with beauty inside and out in mind and with a sense of fun, color and flair.

With a degree in psychology and over 25 years as an intuitive counselor but also being creative, Jesse Janes was born. Most women wear jewelry each and every day and adding life affirming jewelry and messages can give them a sense of beauty and well being and this is my aim.

I've put together some thoughtful celebration designs that will appeal for different situations in life so you can find something truly meaningful to gift. Gifting jewelry is lovely and special and will show how much you care about their them and their personal journey.

Helping people find the perfect gift feeds my soul so if you need anything, please just shout. I would love to hear from you.