Here at Jesse Janes Jewelry™, we love fun, beauty & style, along with celebrating special moments, so we bring all that into each piece we create. Jewelry is a creative way to express your uniqueness and share your love of jewelry. Jesse Janes Jewelry™ is also about recognizing the milestones in each person's life, like our Happy Retirement bangle . Each piece is created with you in mind.

Our Story

Hi! I'm Jesse, the creator of all the wonderful jewelry gifts you'll find. Jesse Janes Jewelry™ started in 2008 although I have been creative since I was 10 years old. I'm all about designing jewelry pieces with beauty inside and out & with a sense of fun & flair.

Our team & I have put together some thoughtful celebration designs that will appeal for different life experiences and milestones so you can find something truly meaningful to gift. Gifting jewelry is lovely & special and will show how much you care about them and their personal journey.

Helping people find the perfect gift feeds my soul.

Enjoy exploring all our beautiful designs.