Evil Eye Sliding Knot Bracelet Red

$ 14.95

Shop Evil Eye Sliding Knot Bracelet Red at Jesse Janes Jewelry. A beautiful and popular jewelry piece, the evil eye sliding knot bracelet provides protection from the evil eye (mal de ojo) in Latino and Mediterranean cultures. This type of jewelry originated in Turkey and spread through Southern Europe and the Middle East during the late 19th century. The evil eye necklace became popular in North America and Great Britain during the 1970s and 1980s and has since become one of the most popular pieces of jewelry worn by both men and women alike. A great evil eye bracelet can be an excellent addition to your jewelry collection, whether you believe in its powers or not.  Looking for more inspiration? Check out our entire line of bracelets: Click here and other necklaces Click here.

You receive: a red rope evil eye bracelet with blue evil eye glass bead features a sliding knot closure that can be adjusted to fit any size wrist.

Presentation is everything: Our jewelry pieces come in a box that is tucked in a fabric bag making them ready to gift to someone or yourself!