Evil Eye Sliding Knot Bracelet Black

$ 14.95 $ 25.99

Shop Evil Eye Sliding Knot Bracelet Black at Jesse Janes Jewelry. People wear evil eye bracelets as protection against the bad eye. The bad eye, also known as the evil eye or mal occhio, is the malevolent and destructive power of envy and jealousy that comes from others and that can affect all aspects of one's life. Wearing an evil eye bracelet offers protection from the effects of the bad eye and helps to prevent its wearer from being subjected to any harm caused by jealously and envy.  Looking for more inspiration? Check out our entire line of bracelets: Click here and other necklaces Click here.

You receive: a black rope evil eye bracelet with blue evil eye glass bead features a sliding knot closure that can be adjusted to fit any size wrist.

Presentation is everything: Our jewelry pieces come in a box that is tucked in a fabric bag making them ready to gift to someone or yourself!