Chakra Essential Oil Gift Set: 5ml Roller Bottles

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Jesse Janes Jewelry carries chakra essential oil gift sets. Our chakra oil kit comes with 5ml roller bottles that are fitted with gemstone roller balls and are filled with high quality essential oil blends providing you with an aromatherapy experience that will relieve stress, bring a sense of calm and help rebalance your chakras. Our gift sets make the perfect gift to give yourself or a loved one. 

GIFT SET INCLUDES: a set of 8 5ml bottles FILLED with a custom blend of essential oils of each of the below, chakra instruction card + chakra-gemstone card set

• Purple - crown chakra with amethyst roller ball

• Dark Blue - third Eye chakra with lapis lazuli roller ball

• Blue - throat chakra with flourite roller ball

• Green - heart chakra with aventurine roller ball

• Yellow - solar plexus chakra with yellow calcite roller ball

• Orange - sacral chakra with carnelian roller ball

• Red - root chakra with red jasper roller ball

Because our lives are busy and we all could use a little stress relief we've an 8th bottle with lavender essential oil for calming. The pink bottle features a rose quartz crystal roller ball for love, harmony and happiness that enhances the the effects of the lavender essential oil. The roller bottle is labeled with a Flower of Life symbol believed to represent unity and the circle of life.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: We use only the highest quality, 100% natural therapeutic grade essential oils pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil as a carrier in 10ml bottles. Using essential oils with a crystal roller ball enhances the effectiveness of the oil. 

Chakras are our body's energy centers that are located from the crown of your head to your tailbone. When balanced and in alignment, they help your body to regulate its emotional and physical systems. Life can feel out of balance when your chakras are out of alignment or blocked. Essential oils help you achieve that chakra balance and maintain it, allowing your subtle energies to flow throughout your body, mind and spirit bringing a sense of peace and well-being. 

Each bottle is blended and ready for topical application. Apply to pulse points either at the heart chakra or the specific chakra area of your body. Breathe in the aroma and focus your mind on balance when applying.

SAFETY WARNING: These are not for ingestion. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use. Keep lid tight and out of children's reach.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.