Bangle Bracelet With Charms: Protection Charm Bracelet Bangle

$ 26.95 $ 29.95

Shop our bangle bracelet with charms, Protection charm bracelet bangle in our Jewelry with Intention collection. Jesse Janes Jewelry carries stainless steel bangle bracelets with charms.

This beautiful bangle is perfect to send to loved ones that are in need of knowing they are protected, safe and loved. The "Protection" intention can also be used as a gift to yourself, to remind yourself that you are safe, loved and protected.

YOU have the power to call in what you would like to manifest or shift in your life. Intentions help your conscious mind believe that it can happen.

* Wearing an intention, carrying it in your mind as well as on your body, helps you to resonate with that energy. It gives you a reminder to stop and listen to your inner self. Intentions are gentle nudges to remind us that life is amazing, and all possibilities can happen.

* The braided stainless steel bangle features a laser etched stainless pendant "I am Safe. I am Loved." and intention and heart stainless charms. As part of our new Jewelry with Intention line, this beautiful Protected bangle will make a thoughtful gift.

Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and will not tarnish. Bangle fits wrists up to 7-1/2".