Energy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace with Roller

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Shop our Energy essential oil diffuser necklace with aromatherapy gemstone roller bottle essential oil blend self care wellness set. This beautiful aromatherapy jewelry and essential oil set is part of our Jewelry With Intention collection and perfect to help you focus on your energy field and also on being more fully energized.


- Flower of Life stainless steel necklace includes 5 replaceable felt inserts for oil diffusing. Felt pad colors will vary. Necklace also includes a "love YOU" laser etched charm at the clasp.  It's a wonderful reminder to love yourself each time to put the necklace on. Locket measures 30mm.

- Energy 10ml essential oil roller bottle with carnelian gemstone roller ball that enhances the benefits of the essential oils.

- an affirmation card that can be used daily to assist you or your recipient's energy to be clear and more fully energized.

Our Jewelry with Intention by Jesse Janes product line was made to provide you the perfect gifting experience and to make for a memorable and fashionable gift that has meaning! Whether you are spoiling yourself or selecting something for someone you love, we have a gift set for everyone! See all of the self care sets we carry here.


When you or your loved one wear the jewelry piece in our "Energy" set and use the essential oil roller bottle, it is a reminder to keep your energy field clear and flowing.

How to use essential oils with the felt pads:

Use roller to apply oil onto the felt pad, then insert in the necklace.  You can also use the felt pads with your own essential oils by applying 2-3 drops on the felt pad.  Use only one pad for each oil or blend. Felt pads can be washed and reused.

Why are intentions significant? Wearing an intention, carrying it in your mind as well as on your body, helps you to resonate with that energy. It gives you a reminder to stop and listen to your inner self. Intentions are gentle nudges to remind us that life is amazing, and all possibilities can happen.

INGREDIENTS IN THIS ROLLER BOTTLE: A blend of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils including "Balance' blend of spruce, ho leaf, frankincense, blue tansy, clue chamomile and osmanthus oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

SAFETY WARNING: These are not for ingestion. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use. Keep lid tight and out of children's reach.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.