Evil Eye Hamsa Hand Stretch Bracelet

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Shop Evil Eye Hamsa Hand Stretch Bracelet at Jesse Janes Jewelry. An evil eye bracelet is designed to protect you from the evil eye, which is an old superstition that’s commonly practiced in Mediterranean countries. The evil eye, or mal de ojo in Spanish, refers to the idea that certain people can give you bad luck or even harm you just by looking at you in a certain way.  A protection bracelet like this one uses blue beads to keep your body safe from others’ gazes or negative intentions. The hamsa hand charm brings good luck to the wearer. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our entire line of bracelets: Click here and other necklaces Click here.

You receive: an evil eye stretch bracelet with blue evil eye glass beads features a hamsa hand charm with revolving evil eye bead

Presentation is everything: Our jewelry pieces come in a box that is tucked in a fabric bag making them ready to gift to someone or yourself!